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Veterinary Clinic

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The Buffalo Gap Road Animal Clinic offers a wide range of services through our veterinary clinic in association with the services offered by the animal hospital.

Here is a comprehensive list of services you will find at our veterinary clinic:

Vaccinations—We provide all annual pet vaccinations.
Dentistry—We offer routine teeth cleaning and polishing, in addition to the tooth extractions and minor oral surgery available through the hospital.
Flea Control—We develop programs to assist you with flea control and with preventative procedures to keep your yard, home, and pet flea-free.
Bathing—Routine bathing services are available for small pets.
Dietary Counseling—We will discuss the nutritional needs of your pet for growth, weight maintenance, performance, and more.
Pharmacy Drugs—We keep a wide selection of vitamins, heartworm preventatives, shampoos, flea and tick medications, and pharmaceutical treatments in stock to meet the needs of your pet.
Exams—Annual physical exam services are available for your pet, to ensure that they stay in prime physical condition for as long as possible.
Spaying and Neutering—Spaying and neutering is available for small breeds of dogs and cats.

Buffalo Gap Road Animal Clinic strives to provide our clients with the highest quality service we can offer. We enjoy serving the Abilene, Texas community and providing our area's small animals with all the love and care they could ever need.

Stop by the veterinary clinic today if your pet is in need of any of the above mentioned services. Even if your pet's need isn’t currently listed, we are still more than willing to help your pet in any way possible.

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