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Hill's Prescription Diet‎

Hill's Prescription Diet‎ | Buffalo Gap Road Animal Clinic

Dr. Hitchcock provides dietary counseling based on Hill’s Prescription Diet. He supports using this special brand of food because it provides your pet with special nutrients that really make a difference in their overall health.

Using Hill’s Prescription Diet, Dr. Hitchcock can adjust your pet's diet to better control medical conditions like:

• Heart disease
• Liver disease
• Kidney disease
• Diabetes
• Constipation and other ailments

Feeding your pet Hill’s Prescription Diet foods can also aid Dr. Hitchcock and the Buffalo Gap Road Animal Clinic in treating the following:

• Allergies
• Joint problems
• Weight control
• Urinary tract problems
• Thyroid issues
• Skin and coat care
• Senior issues

Dr. Hitchcock insists on using Hill’s Prescription Diet foods because he knows how well your pet can benefit from the nutrients they provide. If you would like to learn more about this diet option and other diet services our clinic provides to the Abilene, Texas area, call us today! Or, better yet, stop by for a visit!

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